24 Sep

Transferring the data from one device to another is not a piece of cake. But when the user follows the proper procedure, the task will not remain that tricky. Sometimes, the user performs the wrong task and lose the whole data or create some another problem with the mails. In this blog, the user will get the complete information about the transferring of emails from one device to another.

FastMail Technical Support Australia is a team of experts, who provides the procedure for transferring the data with the help of two ways:

  • IMAP – (Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • POP – (Post office protocol)

Using the mail with IMAP service is recommended by the team as it allows creating backups and can be accessed from any device. And using emails with the POP service is also much-secured way as the application is downloaded and accessed in the system only.

If mail is held on the IMAP:

If the user is accessing mail with IMAP, they can import all the emails from the existing provider. In a single click, all the data will be transferred to the server from the device. Also, the team will guide the users about the issues and help them in resolving the existing problems.

If mail is stored on the POP:

If users want to transfer the data from the desktop to FastMail’s server, they need to perform some easy and simple task. First, log into the FastMail from the desktop client and then drag the emails on the FastMail account. But if the customer could not get the points, they should call on the FastMail Technical Support Number 1-800-764-852 and get instant support.

With these two ways, a user can easily transfer the virtual data from one device to another. If there is an issue in transferring the data, the user can call on the FastMail Support Number 1-800-764-852. Reach the supporters for an instant assistance from the team of experts. Customers do not need to think twice before calling on the number.


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