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It is very easy to regain the access of your hacked account or if you have forgotten the password of your FastMail account. But prior to that, you must keep key points in mind regarding the password.

Account security is very crucial for keeping your data safe. Ensure that you use two-step verification security devices which will keep account secure from the attackers. Any other program or application accessing your account requires the user to use app-specific password for accessing the details.

You can also reach the team of experts by dialing FastMail Customer Support Number Australia 1-800-764-852 for any assistance. The team will help you to secure your data.

Follow the below guidelines for resetting the account credential:

A. Access your email account from the homepage.

B. From the available menu, go to the ‘Password & Security’ screen.

C. Enter your existing password in the required box and then tap on the ‘Unblock’ button.

D. Enter the new credential in the ‘New Password’ box and then again type the same in the text box to ensure it is matched. Make sure you are not using the same credential again.

E. Tap on the ‘Change Password’ button

Once you have changed the credential, you cannot use the same for next 1 year.

Why you should avoid using the same account credential?

Email actually introduces the user to online world and one should reset the credential on most of the other sites if you are accessing them via email. If you are using same password on several sites, you make it easier for the attackers to access you email. This is because the other sites don’t have security measures.

Connect with the professionals by dialing FastMail Toll-free number 1-800-764-852 for more details. If you have any query regarding the above topic or facing any other technical issue with your webmail service then get in touch with our team. Dial FastMail Support Helpline Number 1-800-764-852 and we ensure you to get appropriate answers to your concerns.

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