14 Sep

FastMail is used by thousands of individuals and businesses for communication purposes. It is used for emails, calendars and much more. To sort out the routing issue, windows users can utilize the webmail’s diagnostic tool FastTest. 

You can download it from their website and follow the instructions after double clicking on it. If you want to contact their support team, send them a copy of your output along with the problem description. It will help them understand better.

If you need expert’s assistance over the webmail’s connectivity issues then it is advised to reach us by dialing FastMail Support Helpline 1-800-764-852. We ensure you to get the desired help from our team.

Go for the manual approach If cannot use FastTest for any reason:

  • If you have Mac Os X or Linux, access the terminal application. Enter the traceroute fastmail.com.
  • If you have windows, open an MS-DOS prompts (Start

(You may see more than one * at the time of congestion. If this point isn’t the very last then hop to other, you cannot control it.) If traceroute doesn’t display all the *’s in the last line, the following points may yield important information:

  • For issues with web access: telnet fastmail.com 80.
  • Set the SMTP server if you have issue in sending email: telnet smtp.fastmail.com 587.

When contacting the support team, it would be beneficial if you include all the possible outcomes of the above mentioned commands. You can copy the output by bringing mouse over the output. Hold on to the button under windows, and then click on the Enter key to copy it. In an email, tap on Ctrl + V to paste it. It would also be useful to tell them detailed information of your set up.

Hope this blog helped you in fixing the connectivity issues quickly. You can reach our team for any guidance either through phone support, email support or live chat. Dial our FastMail Helpline Number 1-800-764-852 and talk to our team directly.


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